LostProphet's GM Application

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LostProphet's GM Application

Mesaj  LostProphet16 la data de 27/7/2008, 4:28 am

Real Name: Simon Andersson
Age: I'm 16
Sex: Male
Location: Sweden
Why should you be a GM here: I think I should be a GM here because people need kinda much help, and they need help when no GMs are on-line, and I'm on-line almost every day. But I got school from 9-17am. I also think I could be a GM here because Im very helpfull, patient and funny guy to play with.
Experience Required: Well, I know that I have all the experience to be a good GM, I am very patient, I am really helpfull because I love to help. And I'm a good listener. I have been GM for over 3 months. I will tell you some servers I've been GM on before, but they are down now. Well here are some, Seb's Funserver, NordicWoW, WoWNetwork, SpeedWoW, Warcrit, Mejslateam and Frozen-WoW.
Game knowledge: I know the most things about World Of Warcraft. I have been playing for over 3 years now.
Command Knowledge: About the GM Commands I do have some .txt files with all of the GM commands for Antrix, MaNGOS, Ascent because I've been GM earlier. And I do know 99% of all commands and what they are for.
Etiquette: I am a person who love to meet new people, and love to be a helpfull guy, I am also really patient to the players. I would never disrespect anyone no matter what.
Here is another GM Requirements that I've done myself with the most important questions to become a GM.
What's Your Name:
Simon Andersson

How Old Are You?:

Whats Your in-game names:
In-Game Names: Lostprophet

Where Do you live?:
I live in sweden.

What's you average daily game time?
It depends on because I'm going to school at 8.30-15.30pm, and I play between 17:00-22.00pm (If I dont have Homeworks to do.)

Why do you want to be GM on this server?
Well, I want to be GM here because it seems to be a very good server and very nice people on it and I want to help as much as I can so the server doesn't die. I've met really nice friends here too.

Why Do you think you would be a good GM?
Because I am a very helpfull person, And I do have alot of Experience about GMs. I know how to act like a real and good GM, and Im a very patient person thats what a good GM should be. I'm not that kind of person that "abusing" my powers. I am a person you can trust and I've been GM on both MaNGOS and Antrix/Ascent.

How should a good GM be?
A good GM should be very patient and very helpfull and likes to have fun with the players, A good GM should also be good at finding buggs and such things.

How many times have you been GM? (And what EMUs? Mangos / Antrix / Ascent?)
Hmm, I've been GM on alot of different server with all of the EMUs... I've been GM since the patch 1.8.0 was popular.

Which is the latest server you've been GM on, and why aren't you GM on that server now?
Well, one server was named Mejslateam but it went down, and few other servers is Seb's Funserver, NordicWoW, WoWNetwork, SpeedWoW, Warcrit, Mejslateam and Frozen-WoW.

Do you know the GM commands for Antrix/MaNGOS/Ascent?
I do know every GM commands for Antrix/MaNGOS/Ascent, because I've been GM on alot of different servers for a long time now. And I have few .txt files with all the GM commands

Are you a loyal player, A player that doesn't destroy for others?
Yes I am a very loyal player, I'm absolutly not a person who want to destroy for other, I want to help the others instead. I'm also really patient with the players.

How good is your english? Can you help People from other countries by talking to them?
My english is very good, And I dont have any problems by helping people from other countries.

Some General things you do on you freetime?
Hockey, spending time with my Girlfriend, and of course I play WoW

Some general information about you?
Well I cant say so much but if you really want to know just ask me wink.gif.

How can we contact you?
You Can contact me at... Maj0r_Domo@hotmail.com

And I have voted for This server already. Because the server is cool, I like this repack you use for the server.


// LostProphet

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me send you gm send emai you account and pass vizion_server@yahoo.com

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